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In our fragile economy, financial stress often leads to the lack of trust and communication between a husband and wife and often ends in divorce. Many couples have failed to consider all their options prior to ending their marriage. For others, the stress has gone too far, and they believe divorce is their only option.

L. Craig Kendrick can help in either of these of circumstances. Prior to filing for divorce, Mr. Kendrick can help relieve the financial stress to save your marriage. He can also review your financial matters and recommend whether to proceed with the divorce first or to file a joint bankruptcy first to relieve the financial stress prior to the divorce.

When the choice of divorce or bankruptcy are your primary concerns, it is helpful to obtain the advice of an experienced divorce and bankruptcy attorney.

Since 1990, Florence bankruptcy and divorce attorney L. Craig Kendrick has been helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes during difficult times in their lives. If your finances and your marriage are both in trouble, L. Craig Kendrick can help you pursue positive solutions.

Helping You Resolve Difficult Issues and Make the Right Decisions

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for anyone, especially if - as is often the case - it is accompanied by financial problems. Before you take any action on your bankruptcy or your divorce, it is important to get skilled guidance on issues such as the following:

  • The timing of bankruptcy and divorce: Under Kentucky law, married couples have different bankruptcy exemptions than unmarried people. Exemptions are important because they preserve assets from being sold off by the bankruptcy court. In addition, filing joint bankruptcy is generally less expensive than filing two individual bankruptcies.
  • Asset and debt division concerns: In divorce, both assets and debts are divided. Dividing debts, however, does not stop creditors from suing both parties if those debts go unpaid. Marital asset division can also have an impact on bankruptcy exemptions.
  • Domestic support concerns: Domestic support, including both spousal and child support, cannot be stayed or discharged in bankruptcy. However, in divorce decrees, it is not always clear what counts as spousal support and what counts as property division.

These are just a few of the complexities affecting people who are considering both bankruptcy and divorce. With his strong financial background and experience in both family and bankruptcy law, attorney L. Craig Kendrick is ideally situated to help clients unravel these tricky issues.

If you are considering bankruptcy and/or divorce in Northern Kentucky, don't hesitate to get skilled legal advice from an experienced lawyer. Contact L. Craig Kendrick today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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