Florence Mortgage Modification Attorney

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments or you have been notified by your lender that it intends to initiate foreclosure proceedings, do not feel as though you have no other option than to give up your home. A qualified Kentucky lawyer may be able to help you negotiate new terms that allow you to keep your home and relieve your financial burden.

At the law office of attorney L. Craig Kendrick, we represent clients who are at risk of losing their homes in mortgage modification matters. We understand how overwhelming it can be to face the prospect of losing your home to foreclosure. We will help you determine if you are eligible for any federal refinance or modification programs or work directly with your lender to secure a more favorable rate.

Committed To Protecting Your Home

We work closely with our clients to determine the best approach to saving their homes from foreclosure. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, we will present the most compelling case to show your lender that modifying your loan is in its best interests as well as yours. When appropriate, we lay out the alternatives between modifying the loan and filing bankruptcy to strengthen the case for modification.

Once we have secured workable terms, Mr. Kendrick will help you complete the necessary documentation and review it to ensure that it reflects the agreed upon terms. In addition, he will follow up at every stage to ensure that the modification is being processed correctly and that the new terms are being implemented in a timely manner.

Talk To Our Attorney About How To Modify Your Mortgage

Contact our office in Florence to schedule a free consultation regarding your mortgage modification needs with Mr. Kendrick. You can reach us by phone at 859-795-4407, toll free at 888-856-8043 or via email to set up an appointment.

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