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When one of the spouses in a divorce has an ownership interest in a privately held business or the spouses own a business together, at least a portion of the business will likely be eligible for division in the marital property settlement. Obtaining an accurate business valuation is essential to ensuring a fair division of the marital portion.

If you are a party to a divorce that in any way involves a privately held business, be sure that you have a qualified lawyer who can protect your rights. At the law office of attorney L. Craig Kendrick, we have experience representing clients on all sides of complex family law and property division matters.

Understanding The Division Of A Business In A Kentucky Divorce

Under the law, privately held businesses can be considered marital property. This is true in cases where only one spouse has the ownership interest and even in cases where ownership was established prior to the marriage. To determine the marital portion of the business, the value of the owning spouse's share prior to the wedding is compared with its current value. Consideration must also be given to any contributions a nonowner spouse has made to the growth and success of a privately held business.

Mr. Kendrick has an extensive background in accounting and the operation of small businesses. He offers a great deal of insight into determining the true value of a business, and he works closely with a group of talented certified public accountants and tax experts to obtain the most favorable outcome for every client he serves.

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