Florence Child Custody Lawyer

In every Kentucky custody case, the best interests of the children are the primary focus. Both parents have rights that need to be considered in these matters, however, and it is important that any custody arrangement include provisions for them to have a meaningful relationship after the divorce has been finalized.

Child custody and visitation proceedings have the potential to become quite contentious, and the assistance of a reliable family law attorney can be extremely helpful. At the law office of attorney L. Craig Kendrick, we represent mothers and fathers in all aspects of child custody. You can rely on us to do everything we can to secure a custody arrangement that gives you the full level of involvement with your child that you want.

Skillful Representation In Even The Most Contentious Child Custody Matters

There are two types of custody that need to be decided in these cases: physical and legal. Physical custody refers to where the children will live. Legal custody refers to each parent's authority to make important decisions, such as schooling, religious affiliation and major medical treatments.

Kentucky courts prefer joint custody, meaning both parents have equal time with the children and an equal say in the decisions made on their behalf, unless there is compelling evidence to show that such an arrangement would be contrary to the children's best interests. Attorney Kendrick has a great deal of experience with such matters. He has been successful creating custody agreements that effectively address any disputes and protect his clients' parental rights.

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