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Child support is calculated using the Uniform Child Support Guidelines established by the State of Kentucky. The primary factors in child support calculations are the gross incomes of the parents and the number of children requiring support. Numerous other factors can influence the final child support payment, however, and the assistance of a qualified Kentucky family law attorney can be invaluable.

At the law office of attorney L. Craig Kendrick, we have represented clients in a wide variety of child support matters. Whether you are the parent seeking support or the one who will likely be required to pay it, you can rely on us to do everything in our power to secure a fair order that provides for your children's needs.

Considering All Factors In Pursuit Of A Fair Child Support Order

In addition to the parents' incomes, the guidelines also take into consideration which parent is paying for such expenses as the children's health insurance, day care expenses and education. The court also considers the custody arrangement that has been established in calculating child support. This may allow the court to deviate from the child support guidelines.

We work hard to ensure that both parents have made a full disclosure of their incomes before child support is calculated. This can be particularly important in divorces where one or both of the parents are business owners. If there is any concern that either parent might be attempting to hide income, we will enlist the help of forensic accountants to find it.

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